My Public Space

Berlin Beach

Squares, city beaches, fields, parks, quays – in theory they are open to everybody, but their public character is under pressure. Public spaces are being privatised as a result of the decrease in state intervention, they are assigned a particular theme to encourage tourism, or they are under tight surveillance to improve security. The result is a growing number of sites that are intended for a specific group instead of for everybody. In short, my public space is no longer your public space.

Eight correspondents carried out research on how the public space is being developed, used and designed in eight European cities: Dublin, Copenhagen, Naples, Barcelona, Rotterdam, Tirana, Brussels and Berlin. The results of the investigation can be seen from 28 June to 19 October in the exhibition My Public Space in the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) and in eight kiosks placed on changing locations in the centre of Rotterdam. The map shows where the kiosks are at the moment.